Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Camp Dance; Summer Romance


A cascade of stars
was all I could see,
as she was walking
forward to me.

She grabbed my hand
and pulled me out,
to dance with her
I wanted to shout.

The tempo slowed down
and she snuggled in close,
I held her in my arms…
wow, girls aren’t gross.

My friends were snickering
but I gave them no mind,
I had heaven in my arms
they were just blind.

I led her away
from those snickering fools,
gave her a kiss
we broke a few rules.

I’ve never forgotten
my first dance and kiss,
it was the first time
I discovered true bliss.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Scavenger Hunt - Wordle


We went on a vacation
and traveled by canoe
we sang camp songs
under a magnificent view.

No one threw stones
at windows that didn’t exist,
our home was a tent,
our couch a log bench.

Our hotel had trees
and a family of bears,
we’d bang our canteens
to let them know we were there.

At night,
we would shut the lanterns off
and the stars filled the sky
like ten trillion fireflies.

We howled like wolves
and drank water from the lake,
we hunted for signs of life,
it wasn’t hard to mistake.

Nature opened her arms
and embraced us all,
we headed for home
with stories to enthrall.

July 20, 2014 - Renaissance Camp

I don’t need much…

Running water,
hot and cold,
a toilet with a door.

A comfy bed
surrounded by windows
and books on every floor.

Someone to cook and clean
so we could play
and play some more.

Swimming and hiking -
the best of both worlds
right outside my door.

Oh I could continue on
but the fact remains -

less is always more.

July 19, 2014 - Amphibians, Arachnids & Reptilians

July 18, 2014 - This & That

Sink or Swim

Mortification paints her face red
as she quickly reties
her bikini top –
a quick glance around
shows a trio of boys
with identical frozen looks on their faces.

She straightens her spine,
gives the trio what she hopes is a glare
and turns and walks,
although it’s more of a march,
back into the lake –

to swim.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Survivor - Write about camp food.

We Got Served Weeds for Dinner

The bugle sounded three times for the evening meal
and we sounded like a herd of buffalo running across the plains
as we headed to the dining hall.

We could see the mashed potatoes up ahead
but today they were serving some green, leafy stuff
which they made us take
and we had to sit down and eat them first.

We thought they were serving us weeds…
Billy thought he had some poison ivy leaves in his
and started to scratch himself all over.
Mike thought he had rhubarb leaves,
which are poisonous and you can’t eat them,
he was starting to look a bit green.
Jared, with the long stringy hair and he always wore black,
said he had pot leaves in his –
he gobbled his right up.
And then there was me, Joe,
and I never ate anything green in my life…
I just stared at my plate and it seemed to stare back.

Jared was done
but Billy, Mike and I were just sitting there
until Tom walked by and threw a bottle at me,
“try this on your weeds” he said, as he kept on walking.
We poured on this white goopy stuff
and found out if we put enough on the weeds
you didn’t even really taste them,
they just kind of slid right down.

Billy didn’t breakout in spots,
Mike didn’t die and
I survived my first green food
but we were really happy when they let us get back in line
for mashed potatoes with mystery chunks.
Mystery chunks are better than weeds any day.